Microcurrent Gels: Which ZIIP Gel is Right for You?

When researching microcurrent, and trying to decide whether it is the best treatment for you, you will consistently see the term ‘conductive gel’, and you may be wondering ‘What on earth is conductive gel?’.

Do you need conductive gel for microcurrent, and what exactly does it do?

All microcurrent devices must be used alongside a conductive gel- a gel designed for the skin to enable the microcurrent and nanocurrent waveforms to penetrate your skin and target the cells beneath the surface. 

Every brand selling a microcurrent device will be offering some form of a conductive gel, but as something that you will regularly be applying to your skin, it is important to ensure that you choose the best conductive gel for yourself and your skin needs.

ZIIP Conductive Gels for Microcurrent

ZIIP Gels are highly powerful conductive gels that are essential when preparing your face to use your ZIIP. Designed to work in harmony with microcurrent and ZIIP Nanocurrent™ facial treatments, our core formula protects skin, whilst enabling waveforms to pass effortlessly from your ZIIP device through the skin. Our Activating Gels provide an elevated ZIIP experience for skincare lovers to nourish their skin with added active ingredients.

Before any ZIIP facial, ensure you apply 4-8 pumps of conductive gel to clean, dry skin in order to both protect your skin and allow the electrical currents to flow through it effectively.

Discover our range of ZIIP Nanocurrent™ & microcurrent conductive gels and decide, based on your skin concerns, which is the best conductive gel for your microcurrent facial.

Electric Complex Gel

√ Starter Gel √ Best for those new to ZIIP

Our Electric Complex Gel is a conductive gel that enables ZIIP’s Dual Waveform Technology™ to flow through your skin to tone, tighten and lift.

The core formula at the heart of all of ZIIP’s Gels, Electric Complex Gel is crafted as a gentle, yet highly powerful conductive gel for microcurrent, suitable for daily use on all skin types.

Our lightweight formula lasts the duration of all ZIIP treatments while having a refreshing feel on the skin.


Golden Gel

√ Activating Gel √ Best for mature skin and dull skin

Our core conductive formula is blended with powerful actives to craft ZIIP’s most potent conductive gel, including: bio-placenta with five growth factors to activate sluggish skin cells; hematite to boost collagen production; niacinamide to plump skin and 24-karat gold to calm. 

If you find yourself asking the question ‘What Gel To Use With Microcurrent To Make My Skin Appear Youthful And Full Of Life?’- Golden Gel is your go-to for a truly luxurious, anti-aging facial.


Crystal Gel

√ Activating Gel √ Best for those looking for a glow boost, uneven skin tones and pigmentation

For those who are looking for the perfect glow, Crystal Gel is the perfect match.  

Our core conductive formula is blended with gentle actives including: glutathione - an amino acid that evens skin tone and reduces pigmentation to reveal an otherworldly glow; veronica flower to calm the skin, along with cedar bark extract to protect and restore.

When looking for the best gel for a microcurrent facial that will leave you glowing like an ethereal Goddess, Crystal Gel is your solution.

Crystal Gel



Silver Gel

√ Activating Gel √ Best for dry skin and sensitive skin

If you desire ultra hydrated skin choose Silver Gel. Our core conductive formula is blended with gentle actives including: a sophisticated, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid from Japan to hydrate; a blend of cucumber and aloe to soothe the skin and peptides to reduce redness.

A standout best gel for microcurrent treatments and hydration combined, our Silver Gel will ensure your skin feels the healthiest it can at all times.

Ultimately when selecting the best conductive gel for microcurrent devices, your own skin concerns and needs should always be a priority. Sit back and enjoy the luxury of your microcurrent facial, basking in the knowledge that you’re using all the best products for your skin type, and knowing that you’ve started your journey towards your skin goals.