Get your skin ready for summer with ZIIP HALO

It’s that time of the year when the flights are booked and there are just a few last-minute things you need to do before you head off to enjoy a well-deserved break. But, beyond the regular pre-vacay beauty prep, are you missing a key step to achieve flawless, fresh skin?

Here, we detail everything you need to know about how to get a glowing, sculpted look by using ZIIP HALO - your supercharged skincare hero.

What is ZIIP’s Vacation Prep treatment plan?

The Vacation Prep treatment plan is a ten-day ZIIP routine with 19 comprehensive facials and specialized treatments designed to sculpt your skin and improve your complexion, ensuring you look and feel fresh before you take off.

How can I get the ZIIP Vacation Prep treatment plan?

To access the Vacation Prep treatment plan, you must own a ZIIP HALO. Then, download the app to access all treatments and plans. Once in the app, navigate to the 'Plans' section at the bottom of the page, select 'Vacation Prep,' and start your journey.

What is the duration of this treatment plan?

The plan spans ten days and includes two rest days. Each day features various targeted treatment combinations tailored to maximize the benefits of your ZIIP HALO. So, add them to your iCal and sit back and watch the glow grow.

Can I stack other ZIIP treatments on top of this treatment plan?

We don’t advise you to, no. This treatment plan has been carefully curated to ensure you get the best results from your ZIIP within 10 days. And adding additional treatments on top will not boost your results.

Should I use a specific ZIIP Gel for the Vacation Prep treatment plan?

Any of our ZIIP Gels are suitable and will help you look lifted and feel revived, however, the Silver Gel will offer the hydration needed to ensure your skin is plump and ready for sun-filled days on vacation.

What ZIIP routine should I do whilst on vacation?

Late nights and lazy mornings can sometimes make it difficult to maintain your usual skincare routine, so we recommend one that's simple and easy to fit in with busier days on vacation. The best feature of the ZIIP HALO is that results are visible with short, consistent treatments - making it a convenient skincare addition in every location and setting.